our Covid-19 response

As a member of UNESCO’S Executive Board, Saudi Arabia is working tirelessly to promote the fields of art, culture, education, and science for all.

At a time when the Covid-19 pandemic has forced several billion people to stay at home, UNESCO’s Member States have put in place numerous initiatives aimed at strengthening the bonds of humanity, through culture, education, and science, in the spirit of solidarity.

Saudi Arabia has stepped up its scientific research efforts alongside those of the global medical community, a move which is complemented by immersive, virtual visits of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, a host of open-access bibliographical and multimedia resources for distance learning courses, plus a series of hackathons and inclusive art projects promoting the field of art, culture, education, and science. Find out more about the Covid-19 initiatives.

A few examples:

From medical diagnostics to autonomous surveillance systems and epidemic modeling, the King Abdullah City for Science and Technology (KACST) has launched a Covid-19 accelerator program, providing concrete solutions to mitigate the impacts of the disease. Learn more

The educational and culture-rich platform, Ithra Connect Season, features over 30 online programs, activities, and courses, alongside free access to its entire digital library catalog. Learn more

“Our Culinary Legacy” is an inclusive initiative led by the Saudi Culinary Arts commission aimed at collecting different traditional recipes from across Saudi Arabia’s 13 regions in one cookbook. Learn more

Saudi Arabia's Covid-19 initiatives focus on:

Education & Technology
Heritage & Art
Youth Empowerment


The Saudi Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has launched an online hackathon to come up with innovative ideas and solutions through three different tracks: Digital Health, Home Entertainment, and E-Games. Learn more


Through its #NeverDisconnect campaign, the Misk Art Institute launches weekly challenges on social media, in which everyone can participate by sharing their very own pieces of art. Learn more

Genetic mapping of the new coronavirus

The King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) and the Saudi Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Weqaya) have joined forces to map genetic links to Covid-19.